Paint House Interior

Paint interior walls for bedrooms, offices, hallways, stairwells, living room, front entry and kitchen. Paint door frames in front and rear entry. Activities undertaken by Pro Works Edmonton;

Surface Preparation: Walls washed with water to remove dust and cobwebs. Holes patched with Drydex Spackling Compound throughout the house. All patches are sanded with 120 grit sandpaper.

Door frames prepped using 80 grit sandpaper and hand sanding techniques. Any exposed wood primed prior to painting.

Test Patch procedure with client to ensure color scheme approved prior to application of paint.
Any large holes or cracks are primed once patched for smoothest overall appearance.

Painting: Any bright walls like the orange wall in the stairwell were primed before applying 2 coats of paint to ensure the yellow would cover the bright colour. Walls Painted using Dulux Lifemaster in an Eggshell Finish: Sherwin Williams Venetian Yellow and Dulux  Arabella.
Door Frames painted with Dulux Diamond Interior in White with a semi-gloss finish.
All Surfaces received 2 coats.

Drop sheets used in all working areas. Dust and debris vacuumed using stinger shop vacs upon completion of prep prior to painting to keep dust from getting into paint for smoothest overall application.


After Painting was completed

hallway SE edmonton

South-East Edmonton Home

painted home stairway

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