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Paint Exterior Trim, Window Frames, Doors, and Door Frames. Activities undertaken by Pro Works Edmonton;

Surface Preparation: Pressure washing of whole building done 5-7 days in advance to clean and prepare surfaces.

All wood sanded using hand sanding techniques or Milwaukee Orbital Sanders with 60-80 Grit Sandpaper. Gloves and safety goggles used when performing sanding.

Any bare wood was primed using Weather Guard Exterior Primer prior to painting.

Property vacuumed with Stinger shop vacs upon completion of prep to remove wood chips and debris.

Painting: Exterior Trim, Window Frames and Door Frames painted using Diamond Exterior in a semi gloss finish. Applied 2 coats to all surfaces using 2 ½ inch brushes and 10mm rollers.

Custom colour matched in green to previous paint on building using a small sample procured from a failing window. Paint test patch procedure performed to ensure proper match of color.

Doors painted in Dulux Diamond Exterior in a Semi Gloss Finish in white.



Noteable: Safety Precautions taken due to overhead power lines: Epcor wraped high voltage lines around working areas. Requested Epcor to provide a safety document for working near overhear power lines and reviewed with painters prior to any work. Fiberglass ladders used when working around active power lines.

When working around front and rear entrances had signage posted so all tenants in the buildings would be aware of working times and painter locations.

Landlord and property manager provided with daily progress reports to keep tenants informed of project progress and anticipated working areas.

After Painting was completed


paint window frame

6705 111 Street NW Edmonton

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