Duplex House and Garage

Paint full exterior: Hardie Board Siding & Panelling, Fascia, Trim, Door Frames, Window Frames, Doors, Posts & Beams, Decorative Accent Pieces. Activities undertaken by Pro Works Painting:

Surface Preparation: Peeling areas of paint were scraped to remove the loose flaking areas, feather sanded smooth and sealed with an oil primer prior to paint application. Hairline cracks were filled with caulking to prevent moisture from penetrating the surface.

Painting: Sherwin Williams, A100 in a flat finish SW 6243 Distance for Hardie board siding and panelling.
Sherwin Williams, A100 in a satin finish in Stock White for fascia and trimming

The main body of the house was applied via airless sprayer application. All the trim and doors was hand brushed and rolled. 2 coats were applied to all areas. A combination of step, multi function, and extension ladders were used to access all areas of the home.


331 5 St East North Edmonton

Noteables: Best to apply paint to hardie board in the shade, in areas you can complete in one pass to avoid lap lines.

Colour selection was very interesting as we met with residents from both sides of the duplex. We needed to reach an agreement between all parties in order to proceed with one colour. All parties involved were very amicable which made the test patch process very easy for our team.

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